List of Response Codes


Below are the response codes that comes in the payment response post payment from our server, that must be handled by the client.

Code Response Message Description
0 SUCCESS Transaction successful
1000 FAILED Transaction failed
1001 INVALID-API-KEY The api key field is incorrect
1002 INVALID-LIVE-MODE-ACCESS The live mode access is not allowed
1003 INVALID-ORDER-ID-FIELD The order id field should to be unique
1004 ORDER-ID-FIELD-NOT-FOUND The order id field is not found
1005 INVALID-AUTHENTICATION Invalid authentication at bank
1006 WAITING-BANK-RESPONSE Waiting for the response from bank
1007 INVALID-INPUT-REQUEST Invalid input in the request message
1008 TRANSACTION-TAMPERED Transaction tampered
1009 DECLINED-BY-BANK Bank Declined Transaction
1010 INVALID-AMOUNT Amount cannot be less than 1
1011 AUTHORIZATION-REFUSED Authorization refused
1012 INVALID-CARD Invalid Card/Member Name data
1013 INVALID-EXPIRY-DATE Invalid expiry date
1014 DENIED-BY-RISK Transaction denied by risk
1015 INSUFFICIENT-FUND Insufficient Fund
1016 INVALID-AMOUNT-LIMIT Total Amount limit set for the terminal for transactions has been crossed
1017 INVALID-TRANSACTION-LIMIT Total transaction limit set for the terminal has been crossed
1018 INVALID-DEBIT-AMOUNT-LIMIT Maximum debit amount limit set for the terminal for a day has been crossed
1019 INVALID-CREDIT-AMOUNT-LIMIT Maximum credit amount limit set for the terminal for a day has been crossed
1020 MAXIMUM-DEBIT-AMOUNT-CROSS Maximum debit amount set for per card for rolling 24 hrs has been crossed
1021 MAXIMUM-CREDIT-AMOUNT-CROSS Maximum credit amount set for per card for rolling 24 hrs has been crossed
1022 MAXIMUM-TRANSACTION-CROSS Maximum transaction set for per card for rolling 24 hrs has been crossed
1023 HASH-MISMATCH Hash Mismatch
1024 INVALID-PARAMS Invalid parameters
1025 INVALID-BANK-CODE Invalid bank code
1026 INVALID-MERCHANT Merchant is not active
1027 INVALID-TRANSACTION Invalid transaction
1028 TRANSACTION-NOT-FOUND Transaction not found
1029 TRANSACTION-TERMINATED Transaction terminated
1030 TRANSACTION-INCOMPLETE Transaction incomplete
1031 AUTO-REFUNDED Transaction auto refunded
1032 REFUNDED Transaction refunded
1033 SINGLE-TRANSACTION-LOWER-LIMIT-CROSS The amount provided is less than transaction lower limit
1034 SINGLE-TRANSACTION-UPPER-LIMIT-CROSS The amount provided is more than transaction upper limit
1035 TRANSACTION-DAILY-LIMIT-CROSS The daily transaction limit is exceeded for the merchant
1036 TRANSACTION-MONTHLY-LIMIT-CROSS The monthly transaction limit is exceeded for the merchant
1037 DAILY-TRANSACTION-NUMBER-CROSS The daily transaction number is exceeded for the merchant
1038 MONTHLY-TRANSACTION-NUMBER-CROSS The monthly transaction number is exceeded for the merchant
1039 INVALID-REFUND-AMOUNT The refund amount is greater than transaction amount
1040 INVALID-CVV Invalid Card Verification Code
1041 AUTO-REFUNDED-TNP Transaction is auto refunded by TnP
1042 FAILED-NO-RESPONSE Transaction failed as there was no response from bank
1043 TRANSACTION-CANCELLED Transaction cancelled
1044 UNAUTHORIZED Unauthorized
1045 FORBIDDEN Forbidden Access
1046 TRANSACTION-ALREADY-CAPTURED Transaction already captured
1047 AUTHORIZED Transaction authorized
1048 CAPTURED Transaction captured
1049 VOIDED Transaction voided
1050 NO-RECORD-FOUND No data record found for the given input
1051 ACQUIRER-ERROR Error occurred at the bank end
1052 INVALID-EMAIL Invalid Email ID
1053 INVALID-PHONE Invalid phone number
9999 UNKNOWN-ERROR Unknown error occurred
997 - These are unhandled errors coming from banks directly.