List of Request Parameters


Request parameters are the parameters that will be send to our server API for payment initiation. Client should store the order id and the amount before payment initiation and compare it with the order id and amount in the response Json from our server post payment process to ensure no end user tampering on the requested parameters.

api_key We would assign a unique 40-digit merchant key to you. This key is exclusive to your business/login account.If you have multiple login accounts, there will necessarily be one different api_key per login account that is assigned to you. Mandatory String - Max:40. setAPiKey(api_key)
order_id This is your (merchant) reference number. It must be unique for every transaction. We do perform a validation at our end and do not allow duplicate order_ids for the same merchant. Mandatory String - Max:30. setOrderId(order_id)
mode This is the payment mode ("TEST" or "LIVE" are valid values). "LIVE" is the default value when not specified. Optional String - Max:4. setMode(mode)
amount This is the payment amount. Mandatory Decimal - Max Digits Before Decimal:15, Max Digits after Decimal:2. setAmount(amount)
currency This is the 3-digit currency code (INR). Mandatory String - Max:3. setCurrency(currency)
description Brief description of product or service that the customer is being charged for. Mandatory String - Max:200. setDescription(description)
name Name of customer. Mandatory String - Max:200. setName(name)
email Customer email address. Mandatory String - Max:200. setEmail(email)
phone Customer phone number. Mandatory String - Max:30. setPhone(phone)
address_line_1 Customer's address line 1. Optional String - Max:255. setAddressLine1(address_line_1)
address_line_2 Customer's address line 2. Optional String - Max:255. setAddressLine2(address_line_2)
city Customer City. Mandatory String - Max:50. setCity(city)
state Customer State. Optional String - Max:50. setState(state)
country Customer Country. Mandatory String - Max:50. setCountry(country)
zip_code Customer Zipcode. Mandatory String - Max:10. setZipCode(zip_code)
timeout_duration Timeout duration (in seconds). Optional Integer - Min:0,Max:1000. setTimeDuration(timeout_duration)
udf1 User defined field 1. Optional String - Max:300. setUdf1(udf1)
udf2 User defined field 2. Optional String - Max:300. setUdf2(udf2)
udf3 User defined field 3. Optional String - Max:300. setUdf3(udf3)
udf4 User defined field 4. Optional String - Max:300. setUdf4(udf4)
udf5 User defined field 5. Optional String - Max:300. setUdf5(udf5)
return_url This API needs to be created by the Client using their web server to which, Traknpay will automatically send all the response after a payment as a POST request after a payment is completed. Client is required to verify the hash and store the data to their database.This must be HTTPS, not HTTP to ensure a secured line. Mandatory String - Max:200. setReturnUrl(return_url)
return_url_failure We will send all failed transaction response parameters to this URL if specified, else, it will send the failed response to the "return_url" parameter Optional String - Max:200. setReturnUrlFailure(return_url_failure)
return_url_cancel We will send all cancelled transaction response parameters to this URL if specified, else, it will send the cancelled response to the "return_url" parameter. Optional String - Max:200. setReturnUrlCancel(return_url_cancel)
pg_payment_hostname This is the payment hostname. Mandatory url setPaymentHostname(hostname)
percent_tdr_by_user Percent of tdr amount paid by user. Optional Integer - Min:0,Max:100. setPercentageTdrByUser(percent_tdr_by_user)
flatfee_tdr_by_user Fixed fee paid by user. Optional Integer - Min:0,Max:99999999. setFlatFeeTdrByUser(flatfee_tdr_by_user)
show_convenience_fee Controls whether the convenience fee amount (for surcharge merchants) is displayed to the customer (on the payment page) or not. Optional String - Max:1. setShowConvienceFee(show_convenience_fee)
split_enforce_strict Controls whether payment is required to be split before settlement. By default it is set to ‘n’, If this is set to ‘y’ then settlement will be on HOLD until splitsettlement api is called to provide split information. Optional String - Max:1. setSplitEnforceStrict(split_enforce_strict)
payment_options payment options to be displayed such credit card(cc), netbanking(nb), wallet(w) and atm card(atm).Tabs will be displayed by order in which values are sent. Values accepted are: cc,nb,w,atm (comma separated string). Optional String - Max:20. setPaymentOptions(payment_options)
payment_page_display_text This text will be displayed below the logo on payment page. Optional String - Max:200. setPaymentPageDisplayText(payment_page_display_text)